winter 2022 /ad campaign

Seasons change and life goes on. With time passing by, winter is getting closer and will bring this year to an end with its unique snow-white tone. While flowers are being preserved in the freezing weather, ASH is breathing new concepts into the fashion world. The latest #beASHtive campaign is released with a strong awareness of the connection between human power and the nature.

Stepping on ASH’s winter footwear, #ASHgirls fearlessly wander around the winter metaverse, which is cold and icy with frozen snow on the ground and glacier backboards. As they approach these backboards, glaciers become less opaque; flowers and vegetation start to show up. In the end, flowers appear everywhere in the backboard, which represents a utopian and optimistic vision of metaverse. Once again, ASH combines design with a contemplation of how to make a better world with a greener production process, and explores the possibilities between human beings and the nature with an open and positive mindset. The series is not only fashionable on the outside, but also reminds wearers of how everyone can create hope despite circumstances.


#beASHtive and colour your winter with our new footwear collection for more comfort, playfulness, and elegance. Together we will keep ourselves beautiful while creating more hope.