june DROP 2! A premium ocean T-shirt capsule / 2023 ENVIRONMENT DAY


To celebrate Earth Day in 2023, ASH dives into the ocean and explores beautiful marine life like coral and jellyfish through the lens of Karim Iliya, a professional nature photographer dedicated to eco-friendliness. Entitled “Ocean Flower Power”, the new campaign calls for sustainability in the fashion industry and will donate part of the profits to a charity for an environmental protection initiative.

a significant story that how these ocean-bound plastic bottles become 100% recycled fibers.

Indulge yourself with an eco-friendly T-shirt on ocean day and together with REPREVE®, we are looking forward to removing these plastic, which is at high risk of entering the ocean from the coast.

WE extend this capsule froM april DROP 1! 2023 EARTH DAY

The ASH vision of Being Kind to the planet uses different approaches while embodying the flower power movement from the 1960’s and 70’s with an emphasis on taking care of nature. In addition, #ASHub will collaborate with an environmental protection organisation to call for action for a recycling programme. Karim hopes his work this time will show people a little piece of our Earth and make positive changes in their lives, hold leaders accountable, and support companies that are using sustainable practices and materials for a better future.

Following ASH's green steps to Palau with Karim and Nessim, you will instantly be immersed in a wonderland with mystery and tranquillity. Palau is located in the Western Pacific Ocean and boasts a lake home to millions of jellyfish that don’t sting. The place has attracted human beings to get close to the beautiful creature. The isolated haven is far from pollution and coastal erosion, making it a perfect location to capture nature with a pure heart.




Based in Iceland and Hawaii, Karim Iliya endeavours to take pictures of nature, underwater, and fragile ecosystems. He spends most of his life documenting animals and` their habitats to protect our planet. The professional has travelled across 45 countries, with work published on reputable platforms like National Geographic Magazine and BBC Earth. Recently, Karim has been selected as a member of the dearMoon project – the first civilian flight that will go around the moon late this year. “Earth Day is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our planet and all the incredible life that lives within it”, says Karim, “it is also a time to reflect on how we live our lives, move through this world, and interact with our planet and its resources.” For him, it is important to collaborate with a company like ASH that would support photographers with the same passion.

Another talent participating in the video project is Nessim Stevenson, who has worked as a filmmaker, editor, camera operator and director. Nessim spends plenty of time outdoors and has completed a wide range of projects revolving around topics like environmental conservation and global health. He specialises in transforming complex ideas into aesthetic stories.

MEET THE PArtnership

REPREVE® OUR OCEAN™️ is a recycled polyester option that tells an ocean-focused story . The bottles are collected from areas within 50km of coastlines and do not currently have a formal waste or recycling system. Once the bottles are collected they are certified by an independent third party organization and then follow the REPREVE polyester process to create a recycled, ocean-bound fiber or yarn.

REPREVE® Our Ocean™ Unifi, Inc.


Desert Flower Power ASH x LISAA



#ASHub platform for young talents, calling for communication and intercultural events. Each season, young artists from all over the world will design and develop their own products on the quest for a shoe model, in their borderless fashion. A new concept is therefore developed in this process #ASHolism, referring to imaginative young artists who freely express their ideas by joining ASH.


Through this operation, ASH wishes to reaffirm its commitment to sustainable development. Indeed, the brand is committed to reducing its impact on all of its supply chains with its RE/ASH collections. The first chapter of the brand's ecological action for sustainable development has already started with the launch of RE/ASH in a more forward-looking creative direction for our planet. Launched in June 2020, RE/ASH is a shoe collection that combines sharp design with a sustainable approach that benefits the planet. The goal of this collection is to inspire and encourage customers to be conservationists while remaining stylish. The collection consists of three avant-garde styles made from recyclable and renewable materials such as recycled leather, recycled polyester, biopolyol, corn starch, metal-free leather and chrome-free leather, recognized materials. and certified. The BE KIND collection is designed with innovative materials and fun details. The flower icon means that ASH will contribute to a better future and also urge everyone to protect the one planet where flowers grow. The second is part of this continuity and with an ever stronger commitment to the younger generations of designers in order to encourage them in an ever more responsible creative process.

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