flower power X E.R. CREATION FW21 LAUNCH

"RAINBOW FLOWER POWER" The concept of the circular design is like a circle of life : The seeds become flowers, the flowers give seeds, and the whole story is repeated again.

This down to earth status quo is applicable to all the designs that E.R.CREATION studio has touched, and has been applied to this sneakers re-design project for ASH. The colors are selected as LGBT rainbow colors for the details of the flower design. In order to advocate the concept of conservation and renewal and environmental protection, the designer team is open to choose the existing or leftover scraps in the factory to assemble the completed sneakers. Meanwhile, the designer team used many thick stitching, knitting, tassels, and nets in his creations to show the fabulous craftsmanship of the human beings and the studio familiarity of the sneakers and circular projects. We want to show the world that BE ASH, BE ECO to the planet, BE KIND to yourself.


"OCEAN FLOWER POWER". E.R. CREATION studio is specialist on the design of circular products made from ocean wastes. This creation is made of left over materials so as to show it is possible to do a circular project without having a results that looks too much recycled but totally artistic and collectible at the end like an art piece.

We deliver such a "BE KIND" sustainability idea to the planet in an ocean way!

the designer

E.R.CREATION studio is a Parisian studio founded by Eugène Riconneaus specialize in circular design on consumer goods from fashion to furniture projects.Under the creative direction of Eugène Riconneaus, E.R.CREATION studio works with a wide variety of global clients across products, interiors, graphics and branding content, covers the items such as consumer goods, art curation and space layout. As a design and innovation studio, E.R.CREATION is committed to giving the creative ideas to the products and brands with a vision of the future.

The founder of E.R.CREATION, Eugène Riconneaus established his own shoe brand of his name from the suggestion of Raymond Massaro, the godfather of Chanel shoe master. In previous years, he has continued to cooperate with the international brands, including Supreme, the legendary boutique in Paris Colette, Dr. Martens, Warner Bros. Entertainment (Batman), Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc.

the young talents

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