A graduate of Coventry University in the UK, his paintings are colorful, abstract and imaginative creations, a perfect blend of surreal style and boundless imagination to bring a uniquely interesting, fresh and impactful impression. HEY BROTHER was born in 2019, which is a creature of a multidimensional universe. It has no gender and expression, expresses emotion by only changing body color. He always keeps everything he sees. His key word for this RE/ASH shoe is comfort, cloud, deconstruction, environment, white, future and freedom. White is the color of ASH shoes, as well as the original natural color, just like cloud, sky, sea, tree and flower. By deconstructing them and putting them together to display a complete white shoe on the blue outsole, it means walking freely in the path of respectful clouds and skies of the environment. The heel of the shoe stitched with sponge and cut pieces look like a helmet and green goggles, but with high-tech recycled materials, all showing the ecological future of science and technology. A green nylon shoelace as a gift to start “BE KIND BE ACTION”.

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