ASH X Masha #FW 2022


The idea behind

Masha Obukhova specializes in creating videos, installations, objects, embroidery and textile applications. In her work, she relies on personal experiences, she uses the traumatic facts of her biography, in which there is trauma. Focusing on the theme of identity and memory, the artist states the importance of traces and scars as formative and fundamental phenomena in the formation of personality. By documenting elements of reality and combining them with the fictional, man-made, Masha Obukhova broadcasts her own method of knowing the world, in which interpretations, speculations and facts are always closely intertwined.

Masha's words

In Masha’s artwork for ASH, she’d focused on nature and rethink it. She presents the idea of nature as a superpower for a human being — that nature gives a special power, grows and distributes all around within ASH sneakers. In this case ASH shoes are not just shoes, but an artefact with a superpower. Every step we make leads us to the future we take. So we can make a sustainable or destructive step further. The ones who pick ASH sneakers with Masha’s embroidery choose sustainability and take the bright side, which lend wings.

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