ASH X varya #FW 2022


The idea behind

Varvara Cheltsova finds her inspiration in visiting new cities and villages, in meeting new people. Her visual language simply helps her to look at them more attentively and combine them with her fantasy. “I almost never know what my work will look like. If I start ahead of time to build a picture in my head, most likely the bad work will come out of this. I try to drop all frames, rules and expectations and just listen to my intuition, which is guiding my eyes and hands, drawing spots and lines that turn into images. ” — Varvara says.

Varya's words

Through my artworks I always transfer good vibes. Positive in my art forms inside out, my mood and thoughts influence it as much as people and atmosphere around me. That’s why I usually go to my family house at countryside in Tarusa for work. This place is special for me, it has unique energy. I believe, once at a time it’s important to remind ourselves that if we’re opened to the world, if we’re being kind, gentle, loving, and thankful to it, then it will pay us back as well. Even in the most challenging times.

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