Desert flower powerASH X LISAA / 2023

#ASHub platform for young talents, calling for communication and intercultural events. Each season, young artists from all over the world will design and develop their own products on the quest for a shoe model, in their borderless fashion. A new concept is therefore developed in this process #ASHolism, referring to imaginative young artists who freely express their ideas by joining ASH.


Caroline Lhomme sharing her experience with all the 18 participants engaged in our creative programme and 5 winners are selected. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO.

Inspired by our 60-80's hippie flower travelling into the desert, we started to partnership with LISAA fashion school and thanks to the team's brainstorming on these exclusive recycled shoes also providing a convenience for the disabled community. BeKind Spirit. Desert flower is a good luck flower, strong to grow and adapt to harsh conditions in our lives, so we are hoping the world a better place with strength, persistence and resilience.

2 exclusive models launch now!!


Evoking whimsy and suitability, this selection features a smooth leather, two zips and elastic bands, allowing the shape of the foot to the ankle for better support.


To emphasize on the concept of recycling materials, our fresh new sneaker takes on the talent's emblematic pop flowers stitched into our puffy uppers and #SPIDER outsole.


Loïs Payet-Taille

I am Loïs Payet-Taille, 23 years old, Masters student at Lisaa Mode Paris. I turned to creative studies in order to develop a transversal artistic universe, particularly through fashion, video and music. I want to create a story, open the doors of my imagination to others in order to enrich the story. From my studies, I have a brand project that I would like to realize. This brand is called “Silence” which can be defined as my alter-ego.

It's hard to put words to a silent term. First imposed, it then became a choice over time. Like the little prince, far from my roots, I have become my own aviator, traveling between ladies of stones and these giants of steel and glass. Of this transit, under the supervision of a strict and rigorous metronome, there arises a complex balance to be maintained between these two contrasting realities. At the heart of it, an endless quest takes shape, seeking this individual singularity in order to “be” in the eyes of these worlds. But living in the shadows of eclipses and their crowns, loneliness and anonymity set in, leaving room for silence. SILENCE, through its experiments, reflects on utilitarianism. Heavily inspired by brutalism, SILENCE embraces the illusion of a more harmonious world.

Elia Masson

My name is Elia MASSON, I'm 21 years old and I come from Avignon in the south of France. Since I was little I have had an undeniable passion for art & fashion. After training in applied arts, I decided to specialize in the fashion industry. Currently I graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion design & accessories and in the last year of a master's in fashion design & brand creation at LISAA Mode Paris.

My universe and my practice are inspired by the notions of transmission and heritage: by sourcing and transforming 100% upcycled materials. All with the aim of deconstructing our relationship with fashion and fully appropriating it. I aspire to evolve in the world of fashion image, editorial and CSR.

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