Journeying Beyond: ASH Introduces SS24 #SUNDAZE Collection, #ASHine The Road! AHSGIRLS' adventure also represents a spiritual journey toward a more dynamic lifestyle and a brighter future, symbolising the boundless possibilities life offers.

#DESPERADO, like it?

En route to Sundaze, the spotlight is the addition of denim to footwear. DESPERADO – denim cowboy boots adorned with intricate zippered panels – effortlessly elevate casual attire, offering versatile charm from leisurely shorts to refined skirts.

or #paquito?

PAQUITO - Classic brown fringed sandals strike a balance between modernity and nostalgia, embodying freedom and wildness through half- circled studs and minimalist embroideries.

RING RIng Ring.what's coming next?

special calling ... who is it?

a stud story: don't Gaze into her dangerous eyes #VIKING

#KENTUCKY is a universal language for women walking in the absolute charm for sexy femininity.

redefine fashion trends via a series of ready-to-wear echoed by vintage and contemporary moods.

Dining Time! An innovative touch.

Combining multiple exciting elements, including denim and strass, RACE STRASS DENIM is the perfect addition to complete your sporty look. The distressed design adds a vintage and natural vibe, while the high-tech construction ensures optimal footwear performance. Be sure to keep a pair in your wardrobe for those long days of walking.