Yuniversal is a graduate of the LISAA School of Art in Paris. Discussing the interrelation of different cultures and different media has always been the theme of his works. “Paris-Chengdu” was the first published illustration work and was recommended by Behance. She participated in “The Shanghairen”, organized several exhibitions in Toronto, Shanghai and other cities, and published a book of illustrations. Yuniversal co-created “7 Ordinary Days” with the Swiss author agency AJAR and published a personal interview on Heidi. Inspired by the #PillowChallenge#, it applies the method of combining soft pillows and straps of different materials in shoe design. It incorporates the positive attitude of staying at home in creating in the age of telecommuting. Thoughts are triggered by the fact that the packaging shoes is often too bulky and has a low use value. Introduce the concept of shopping bag handles into the shoes themselves and give the shoes more functionality with the unique "hand carry" design. At the same time, I hope this style of shoes can convey the attitude of sustainable life to the public.

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