ASH x Nespresso: Stepping forward together for the journey of “KIND REVOLUTION”

Italian footwear brand ASH with Nespresso, the pioneer and leading brand in premium portioned coffee, has partnered with to create two eco-friendly sneakers made using Nespresso recycled capsules. This collaboration unites two global brands in their shared vision of a more sustainable tomorrow. ASH is reinventing footwear design via sustainable projects like RE/ASH, while Nespresso, a veteran in sustainability, has been committed to environmentally driven practices for more than 30 years. It is hoped that this new form of capsule-recycling, combined with fashion and sustainability, will drive and lend inspiration to future eco-friendly endeavors.

In a unique combination of innovation and design that gives used coffee capsules a second life, the outsole and insole of the ASH X Nespresso sneakers will be made using Nespresso's recycled coffee grounds while the label on the shoe tongue will incorporate recycled aluminum from the capsules. The chrome-free leather and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) materials commonly used in the RE/ASH collections also feature throughout the shoe design to further reduce waste of raw materials and minimize the overall environmental impact. Additionally, the design of the two sneakers also incorporates the signature colors and patterns of Nespresso coffee capsules.

Inspired by the simple pleasures of enjoying a good cup of coffee, the FORWARD sneaker features a clean and minimalist design that may appeal to the discerning consumer who gravitates towards a more leisurely lifestyle. Each pair of FORWARD sneakers contains 7 cups’ worth of coffee grounds and aluminium equivalent to approximately 13 capsules from Nespresso.

The design of RESTART is an interpretation of the avant-garde signature style of ASH, with colors inspired by the Nespresso capsules, to represent the active and youthful energy of the wearer. Each pair of RESTART sneakers contains 15 cups’ worth of coffee grounds and aluminium equivalent to approximately 10 capsules from Nespresso.