In FW23, ASH unveils a new chapter high up in the mountains, where she oversees all the possibilities the new year has to offer.

With wild yellow flowers dancing in the breezy wind, the girls fearlessly explore the land in their new sets of ASH footwear, showcasing their movements and preparing to embark on their adventure as true nomads.

Standing atop the rock and feeling "hard core" restless in our blood.

ALYX is the new sexy. Minimalist design and premium elegance define these block-heeled shoes, a perfect match with jeans to elongate the legs. DAKOTA are western-style knee boots with side zips. Their black colour complements various styling options, while the low soles ensure comfort with every step.

in the fresh air of the wilderness, pick ash's Vintage Call by rainbow?

MONTANA is THAT pair of trendy sneakers with pastel colours and puffy uppers. ONYX Blending technology with creativity, the 3D knit design sets this pair apart with its delicate texture.

Gloden days talk just like bono & blake on a trend of retro stars and distressed design. stay tune fw23!