Tick tock, tick tock. Prefall is approaching. To better prep for the colder seasons, ASH has paved the way for your styling routine with an innovation in the “BE KIND” series. A combination of fashion and eco-friendliness, the collection is favoured by many, and is crafted from recyclable / bio-degradable materials to minimalise the waste and pollution generated in the production. The flower icon in “BE KIND” represents ASH’s unstoppable love for life and nature, while showcasing a strong focus on environmental protection. In this year especially, careful design has been provided to increase comfort.

In FW22, the highlight of “KIND REVOLUTION” is the use of colours that will uplift people’s mood and aim to put a smile on their faces. Softness has been taken into consideration for outfits and footwear, such as puffy quilts in the shape of a “BE KIND” flower icon. In addition, ASH has found the most suitable and eco-friendly materials for sneakers, including nylon, yarns, TPU and metal-free leather. The new version of “BE KIND” has again, reached the right balance between design and sustainability.

The new selection, known as “BE KIND BLOOMING”, is inspired by the flower icon and tells a story about “NATUREPOWER”. In the infinite universe, human beings are small and vulnerable. Therefore, in great awe of the beauty and power of Mother Nature, ASH has put concrete effort to create the collection. To welcome the release of the products, #ASHgirls has explored the wilderness in hippy spirits with these mesmerising products.