Reimagine ASH's TOUCHINg JOURNEY of new vintage 1960’s style mixed with modern glamour, luxury lifestyle, a philosophy or a movie scene with our beloved ones.

ASH is encouraging

A dynamic lifestyle and daring spirits via California wild dreaming. This journey is filled with a seamless fusion of vintage and contemporary elements, unexpected challenges and boundless possibilities, which are all driven by open hearts and fearless spirits.

ASH artfully presents an intriguing denim collection via the new opening of SS24 denim story, directed by ASH team in California.

Lend your spring-ready ensembles a subversive flair with either these platform denim heels #MAUI or rhinestone denim sandals #ILONA?

give your emotion to cowboy boots #DAZED or #DESPERADO ?

Crafted to enhance your warm-weather outdoor adventures. #MALIBU STRASS BIS #RACE STRASS DENIM

STAY tune SS24...