The idea behind

Danya Antropov combines contemporary and traditional authentic materials in his work, often using their properties in unusual ways. Antropov explores alternative methods of shaping the objects in his attempt to visualize chaos as a main characteristic of modern world, at the same time trying to push the boundaries of traditional craft — ceramics. Artist uses construction mesh and rods creating asymmetrical shapes, exposing different textures, he combines the fluidity and impermanence of ceramics with a solid substance — colorful glaze, that he covers his sculptures with.

Danya's words

“Generally, I'm not too sensitive to natural phenomena. I just accept the world whatever it is, and I can always find inspiration around me. I love noticing details and processing them into material objects. That's how it also worked with ASH sneakers customization: domestic and medical glass, foam ruober and clay formed into a complex but airy object. As if the rain had collected all this in one place with its flow. That's how actually life works for me. And my art-vision of Ash sneakers is its reflection. Kind or a microcosm.”

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