ASH X natasha #FW 2022


The idea behind

Natasha Goncharova works in various techniques such as installation, sculpture, graphics, painting, video, street art. “In my works I focus on mythology and time. I create a chronicle using my own artistic language of symbols, heroes and phenomena. In these totems of the past I am interested to feel and reflect the existing reality. Creativity is an action that preserves and makes immortal the moments of the past, my works are portals for time travel. I reconstruct a cultural heritage in symbols, work with reality through the matter of the past, it helps to understand, how the past and the present join in a matrix of our society”.

Natasha's words

In my work for ASH I create post cyber flowers with large leaves and a flower-eye; and a prickly fern, reminiscent of subcultures. I continue the drawing with totems, which I often use in my art. Totems are my example of a recycle. The once I use in this project are pieces of wood that were found in trash. So, that’s my way of sustainability — how I save unneeded wood and give it a second life. Also, when painting, I use natural colors (tempera).

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