The idea behind

Gleb Baranov formed his recognizable artistic style on voyages on water. A fascination with countercultural literature, French existentialism, primitivist painting and new American realism have all made their mark. Panthers, paradises, fire, mirrors, skulls, borax cats are all woven into a single poetics of the mythological. Yet all this shamanic mystery contains no suspense. The canvas, sewn from the pages of poetry collections, disorganizes the usual form of viewing-reading. Gleb Baranov’s decorative-symbolic painting spreads out, giving a meditative effect of immersion.

Gleb's words

“In my artwork for ASH I use applications with my beloved animals and sustainable mottos, which are close to me: ‘BE KIND’, ‘SAVE OUR PLANET’, ‘NATURE IS ALIVE’, “I CAN CHANGE REALITY’, ‘FULL OF LOVE’, ‘LOVE PLANET’, ‘FOREST OF THE DREAM’. Сat is a constant hero in my artworks. It was born from my love and respect to legendary film director Chris Marker, who often works in his movies with three animals: owl, cat and wolf.”

And each of them transfers some symbol. Cat is the symbol of freedom, because cats are freedom-loving animals, they’re unable to obey anyone. Such character is truly close to me. I believe that animals teach people being more kind and grateful to the planet. I feel connection with nature through animals and learn being more patient and sustainable to the world.

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