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London Kaye is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her unique use of crochet to create art pieces made entirely of yarn has brought smiles to communities around the world. London realized that her love for crochet, and unexpected joy, came together harmoniously when she began using crochet to interact with the environment and surrounding community. She began installing art daily on the streets of Brooklyn and New York City. Quickly her work became easily recognizable by her community's people and businesses.

London's words

“In my work for ASH, the crochet design was inspired by the feeling of connecting to nature and is made of entirely recycled yarn. I have unwound brand name sweaters that have never been worn or sold. Too many sweaters get produced but do not end up having a place in the consumer supply chain, so I have transformed them back into beautiful yarn to be up-cycled. Just as many loops that connect to create a strong crochet fabric, we are stronger together. “

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